Online office hour: EN instructions

Since May 2020, the online office hour takes place via the Open Source platform GARR Openmeet. To participate it is necessary:

  1. Send an email to within the day before the scheduled office hour, in order to book the appointment, indicating “office hour” and the date in the subject line.
  2. Connect to the internet at the beginning of the office hour time or at the time indicated by the lecturer (in the case of multiple bookings):
    • According to the booking order. you will receive at your email address a link and the time to connect to it.
    • Click on the link to connect to the platform, allow webcam and microphone, log in and enter your name in the settings.
  3. In case you are unable to book within the day before, try to contact the lecturer by email the same day and wait for a reply.
  4. For a better use of the instrument, follow the instructions below (info also here and here):
    1. use Firefox, Chrome or Chromium as your browser;
    2. check the quality of the connection (e.g. if home) or telephone connection work better: area and operator can make some difference);
    3. lower the video quality in the settings;
    4. close all other web applications on your device;
    5. check that the device (pc or tablet or other) is up-to-date;
    6. if any problems persist, see here.

More info on online teaching here.

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