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What is NEW

NEW: SISEC 2022 Call for abstract: Labor transformation and ecological transition: work, welfare and social movements in the era of climate justice: Info HERE

NEW: Sustainability Talks: Ideas on Sustainability for a New Humanism, here – qui

ESEE 2022 Call for abstract: Which labor for the ecological transition? Info HERE

Corso di Alta Formazione “Ecoesione. Strumenti per promuovere la giustizia sociale nella transizione ecologica”. Info QUI

European Society for Ecological Economics 2022 Pisa Conference: here

Ecological transitions and the welfare state. A pragmatist-systemic approach in eco-social policy research and design. New Paper

Hard pathways towards autonomy and adulthood. Understanding youth transition patterns […] New Article

The challenges of eco-social transitions in times of crisis. ESPAnet 2021 Conference Session: here

Il mio cambiamento climatico è quasi uguale al tuo. Materiali

La comprensione ecologica deve essere ecologica. Materiali.

Social Policies and Social Work for Social and Environmental Justice. Materials.

Coesione sociale nella transizione ecologica: Workshop 9 luglio.

Crisi ecologica e nuovi rischi sociali: verso una ricerca integrata in materia di politica sociale e sostenibilità: Saggio

Un’altra goccia non ci ucciderà? Crisi climatica, crisi sociale e l’esperienza del Covid-19 articolo, articolo

Topic and Debate

Glasgow’s 2030 credibility gap: net zero’s lip service to climate action here

Regioni e neutralità climatica: primo Ranking regionale sul clima qui

24 settembre 2021: Global Climate Strike – Sciopero Globale per il Clima: here/qui

IPCC 6th assesment report on Climate Change… widespread, rapid, intensifying here

The nexus of climate change and welfare: a new concept of the welfare state: here

Greenness of Stimulus Index post Covid-19: Not very green indeed…. See Reports

The Inequality Virus: Bringing together a world torn apart: See Reports. Stampa.

Count Down. How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Imperiling the Future of the Human Race: See Reports

European Societies in the Time of the Coronavirus Crisis. Special Issue

Oil firms knew decades ago fossil fuels posed grave health risks: See Reports

Mary Catherine Bateson Dies at 81; Anthropologist on Lives of Women: here

Climate justice, Covid-19 recovery here

Global Biodiversity Outlook here – Ecosystem collapse as biodiversity declines here

La resilienza dei giganti del websoft alla pandemia (2015-2020) qui

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David Graeber death: here, here, wiki, website

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Associate Professor in Economic Sociology, Sociology of Organization and Comparative Welfare Systems. Research topics concern the ecological sustainability of welfare systems, the comparative analysis of social and labor policies and socio-economic exclusion processes, as well as organizational and participation studies. Research approaches integrate pragmatism and cybernetics, in particular through action-research methods, which are implemented also for teaching, as well as training and consulting with groups, nonprofit and public organizations.

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Lack of systemic wisdom is always punished. […]. But the systems are nonetheless punishing of any species unwise enough to quarrel with its ecology (Gregory Bateson, 1972)

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