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25 novembre: giornata contro la violenza maschile sulle donne e la violenza di genere

Un’altra goccia non ci ucciderà? Crisi climatica, crisi sociale e l’esperienza del Covid-19 qui

Smart working: diritti, conseguenze, contrattazione collettiva. Seminario qui Presentazione qui.

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Ecoesione: coesione sociale nella transizione ecologica: info, sito progetto, evento

David Graeber: l’intellettuale pirata qui

The Corona-crisis, social sustainability and socio-ecolgocal work: here (German)

Covid-19: una crisi di sistema: Presentazione

Sustainable Welfare, Green Social Work and the Impacts of the Corona Crisis: Presentations

Il Coronavirus come crisi ecologica:
articolo qui; seminario e presentazione qui

Innovare le politiche sociali in contesti di crisi: Presentazione RRIInfo RRI

Topic and Debate

Cambiamenti climatici in Italia: analisi del rischio: sito, rapporto

Climate justice, Covid-19 recovery here

Global Biodiversity Outlook here – Ecosystem collapse as biodiversity declines here

La resilienza dei giganti del websoft alla pandemia (2015-2020) qui

Privacy, piattaforme digitali, open source e Corte di Giustizia EU: qui e qui

David Graeber death: here, here, wiki, website

Zoonotic host diversity increases in human-dominated ecosystems here

“There is a single species that is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic – us” here

Climate breakdown, value what matters here

Reduction CO2 emissions Covid-19 here

Wellbeing Economics for C-19 recovery here

Coronavirus tracker on policy actions, research, call for papers here

Short Bio

Associate Professor in Economic Sociology, Sociology of Organization and Comparative Welfare Systems. Research topics concern the ecological sustainability of welfare systems, the comparative analysis of social and labor policies and socio-economic exclusion processes, as well as organizational and participation studies. Research approaches integrate pragmatism and cybernetics, in particular through action-research methods, which are implemented also for teaching, as well as training and consulting with groups, nonprofit and public organizations.

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Lack of systemic wisdom is always punished. […]. But the systems are nonetheless punishing of any species unwise enough to quarrel with its ecology (Gregory Bateson, 1972)

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