Associate Professor in Economic Sociology
Department of Political Science
Sciences for Peace – CirsecRemarc

Mail: matteo.villa@unipi.it
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  • Topics: Economy, Ecology and Society; Welfare and Sustainability; Organization Processes.
    Welfare and Nonprofit Systems; Poverty, Work and Social Exclusion.
    Power, Learning, Participation and Democratic Organization.
  • Scientific fields and approaches: Economic Sociology and Ecology of Mind, Pragmatism and Complexity Theories, Abduction and Action-Research.
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  • Courses: Comparative Welfare Systems. Economic Sociology. Sociology of Work and Organization.
  • Laboratories: Action-Research: participatory methods and tools for context-based social research and intervention. Learning, Leadership and Decision Making in Democratic Organizations.
  • PhD Programme: Political Science
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Territorial initiatives with groups, associations, non-profit organizations and public bodies.
Iniziative territoriali con gruppi, associazioni, organizzazioni nonprofit ed enti pubblici.