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CV – main:

Main Working experiences:

  • Associate Professor in Economic Sociology and Lecturer of Economic Sociology, Comparative Welfare Systems and Sociology of Organization at University of Pisa (since December 2014)
  • Assistant Professor (researcher) in Sociology and Lecturer of Social Policy and Sociology of Work at University of Pisa (2009-14)
  • Research Fellow in Economic Sociology, University of Brescia (2006-08)
  • PhD Student in Economic Sociology, University of brescia (2003-06)
  • Trainer and Scientific Advisor in Social Policy and Social Work (since 1998)
  • Social Worker (1987-2006) and Project Manager in Social Interventions (1994-2006)
  • Factory Worker (1987)

Main Educational Qualifications:

  • PhD in Economic Sociology, University of Brescia (2006)
  • Degree in Sociology, University of Urbino (2002)
  • Post Secondary School Qualification in Training (Formazione Formatori) (2003)
  • Post Secondary School Qualification in Social Work (Animatore Sociale) (1990)

Main Research Interest:

  • Economy, Ecology and Society; Welfare and Ecological Sustainability; Organization Processes.
  • Social and Labor Policies; Poverty, Work and Social Exclusion.
  • Power, Learning, Participation and Democratic and Nonprofit Organization.

Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives:

  • Economic Sociology and Ecology of Mind,
  • Pragmatist-Systemic Approaches and Cybernetics,
  • Abduction and Action-Research.


  • Courses: Economic Sociology; Comparative Welfare Systems; Sociology of Organization.
  • Laboratories: Action-Research; Learning, Leadership and Decision Making in Democratic Organizations.
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  • Training and Advisory Activities for Public Nonprofit and Institutions, Social and Political Groups, Social Workers, Volunteers with particular regard to: Organizational and Participatory Processes, Design, Planning and Delivery of Social Policies, Projects and Services.
  • List of Publication HERE