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Research Topics and Perspectives:

  • Systems are nonetheless punishing of any species unwise enough to quarrel with its ecology (G. Bateson 1972)


  • Economy, Ecology and Society; Welfare and Ecological Sustainability; Organization Processes.
  • Welfare and Nonprofit Systems; Social and Labor Policies; Poverty, Work and Social Exclusion.
  • Power, Learning, Participation and Democratic Organization.

Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives:

  • Economic Sociology and Ecology of Mind
  • Cybernetics and Pragmatist-Systemic Approaches
  • Abduction and Action-Research.

Current Projects:

  • PRIN PNRR 2022 DiJust – Digital food and just transition. Sustainability and labour in agriculture 4.0. Info here.
  • PRIN 2022. Just transition in the factory. Workers’ mobilizations and participatory innovation in emergent Italian experiences.
  • PRIN 2022 ALMADIA: Active Labour Market Policies and Street-Level Bureaucracy: Discretion in Action.
  • PLANET4B. Understanding Plural values, intersectionality, Leverage points, Attitudes, Norms, behaviour and social Learning in Transformation for Biodiversity decision making. EU Commission – Horizon 2020, Starting 1st December 2022. Info here.
  • INNLAV 2023. Indagine sull’organizzazione del lavoro e le relazioni industriali in una impresa dell’information tecnology.
  • WIDE-ARC: Wellbeing In a Dematerialized Economy: An RRI Conception,University Research Project (PRA, University of Pisa). Starting 24 October 2022. Info qui/here.
  • SUS-WELL Welfare and ecological sustainability: a pragmatist-systemic approach for ecological researches and practices in social policy: Papers, essays and articles HERE

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Recent and Past Projects:

  • AUTENS (Sustainable Energy Autarky): the project aims to identify possible solutions for the complete self-sufficiency of Energy Communities. PRA Unipi. info here/qui.
  • ECOESIONE. Coesione Sociale nella Transizione Ecologica: Ministero dell’Ambiente, Unipi (Dip. di Economia e Management, Dip. di Scienze Politiche, Cisp). Info qui.
  • Logics of welfare: improving understanding of welfare systems contextualization, organization and implementation processes. An abductive and action-research oriented conmparative study:  Papers, essays and articles HERE
  • The socio-political construction of citizenship, welfare and well-being in community organisations: a comparative case study between Argentina, Italy and Germany.
  • Youth hard pathways towards adulthood. A case study: Conference Paper; Report (It).
  • Towards an ecological approach in social policy research: social investment and context-based social policies: Article; Article (It);
  • Evaluation of measures to combat poverty (CCT): Report (It). Coll. Book.
  • The dowry logic of active labour policy in Lombardy Region: Article.
  • Social participation in the Tuscany Region Welfare System: Article; Conference Paper; Chapter; Chapter.
  • Towards an effective definition of social rights. An ecological perspective: Chapter;
  • Social participation, voluntary and nonprofit organizations and the new welfare state: Article; Article; Chapter in Book;
  • Logics of rule and intervention in the italian regional and local welfare systems: Chapter (It); Chapter (It); Conference Paper; Conference Paper (It).
  • The insertion to work of disabled people in the Province of Milan: Book
  • The challenge of gratuitousness: the voluntary organizations in the Province of Brescia: Book
  • Elderly condition, subsidiarity and local planning in the Province of Brescia: Book HERE
  • From protection to activation: the new labor and social exclusion policies in a fragmented welfare state: Book; Chapter in Book

Main Networks

  • European Network for Social Policy Analysis: ESPAnet Europe
  • Network Italiano per l’Analisi delle Politiche Sociali: ESPAnet Italia
  • European Society for Ecological Economics: ESEE
  • Società Italiana di Sociologia Economica: SISEC
  • European Consortium For Political Research ECPR
  • Research Network for Social Enterprise: EMES
  • Interdisciplinary Center Sciences for Peace CISP
  • Responsible Management and Sustainable Development Research Center REMARC
  • Officine Filosofiche: OF
  • Scientists For Future: S4F
  • American Society for Cybernetics: ASC

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Research resources

  • Coronavirus Socio-Economic Research & Responses in the world – JUMPER* tracker here
  • Reports and Data here
  • Research Videos here
  • Research Links here