Coronavirus Socio-Economic Research & Responses in the world – JUMPER* tracker

This webpage collects links to institutions gathering data and carrying out analysis on the policies put in place to tackle the Coronvirus crisis (Covid-19). Continuously updating; suggestions can be sent to

> Credit: JUMPER* Team and other international researchers

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> Institutional Policy Trackers and Portals

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> Sources by Country

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> Investments, Finance, Taxes, Firms initiatives and info

Institutional Policy Trackers and Portals

InstitutionName, title, actionLink
IMFPolicy tracker by countryLink
OECDTackling coronavirus (COVID-19)Link
OECDKey country policy responses trackerLink
ETUIMonitoring social and employment consequences of COVID-19 in EU-28Link
TUACTrade union and social partners’ responsesLink
IndustriAllCovid-19 MonitorLink
EUEuropean Commission Coronavirus responseLink
EU commission#EUvsVirus programLink
WHO EU EU-OHSPCovid-19 Health System Response MonitorLink
WHOCoronavirus PortalLink
UNCoronavirus PortalLink
UNResponding socio-economic impacts ReportLink

Other trackers

SourceName, title, actionLink
Oxford UniversityThe Global Directory for COVID Policy Trackers and Surveys Link
EU-Citizens.scienceCitizen science resources related to the COVID19Link
Scientific KnowledgeCOVID-19 Knowledge Centres around the worldLink
Oxford UniversityOxford covid-19 government response trackerLink
Imperial CollegeCovid-19 reportsLink
John Hopkins COVID-19 Data CenterLink
Innovation in politics Inst.Best practice in politics and societyLink
Visual capitalistCovid-19 dynamics and responses visualizationsLink
Wikipedia2019–20 Coronavirus pandemicLink
Wikipedia2020 coronavirus pandemic in EuropeLink

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Sources by Country

Name, title, actionLink

ISSIstituto Superiore di Sanità CoronavirusLink
ASVISCrisi Coronavirus e obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibile (SDGs 2030)Link
Welforum.itOsservatorio Emergenza Coronavirus:Link
Federalismi.itCommenti, documentazione e atti per l’emergenza Covid-19Link
MISELe misure per imprese e lavoratori nel Decreto Cura ItaliaLink
ISTATDati di mortalità: cosa produce l’IstatLink
Wikipedia2020 coronavirus pandemic in ItalyLink

UK ParliamentCoronavirus Act 2020Link
UK ParliamentCOVID-19 Outbreak Expert DatabaseLink
NEFCoronavirus Response: NEF research and advocacyLink
Wikipedia2020 coronavirus pandemic in the United KingdomLink

GreenpeaceCorona-Krise: WirtschaftshilfenLink
Wikipedia2020 coronavirus pandemic in GermanyLink

ORF.atCoronavirus: data updates and sourcesLink
Wikipedia2020 coronavirus pandemic in AustriaLink

SWPRSFacts about Covid-19Link
Wikipedia2020 coronavirus pandemic in SwitzerlandLink

Sage DataplanetResearching the Impact of Coronavirus Using DataLink
KFFUS/State Data and Policy Actions to Address CoronavirusLink
NCSLState Fiscal Responses to CoronavirusLink
MultistateCOVID-19 Policy TrackerLink
Wikipedia2020 coronavirus pandemic in the United StatesLink

China BriefingChina’s Support Policies for Businesses Under COVID-19Link
Wikipedia2019–20 coronavirus pandemic in mainland ChinaLink

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Accessible articles, papers, analyses: Scientific contributions

SourceTitle, object, listLink
European Societies in the Time of the Coronavirus Crisis. Special Issue Volume 23, sup1 2021Link
EmeraldCoronavirus management of epidemics and wider impact on societyLink
SAGEFree Medical, Social, and Behavioral Science ArticlesLink
SAGEHUB: The Social And Behavioral Response To CoronavirusLink
JESPJESP European Social Policy BlogLink
Semantic Scholar.orgCOVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19)Link
LitCovidLiterature hub on scientific information about CoronavirusLink
RedditThe Coronavirus Papers unlocked: scientific articles databaseLink
COVIDbaseCurated list of projects and resources about COVID-19Link
GitHUbCovid-19 Social Science TrackerLink
La SapienzaCovid-19 Economics Papers collected by F.SabatiniLink
WHODatabase of publications on coronavirus disease (COVID-19)Link
NIHNational Institute of Health Covid-19 releasesLink
IIASAIIASA COVID-19 research and resourcesLink
Academia.eduSelected papers on Coronavirus diseaseLink
NewCitiesPandemic Goes Viral. Reflecting on cities and urban landscapesLink
Covid-19 Report: a ten-point platform (EN, IT, D)Link

Collected articles, papers, analyses: comments and debate

SourceTitle, listLink
Progressive geographerGeographers, sociologists, philosophers etc. on covid-19Link
Thomas ProjectA five languages press reviewLink
Social EuropeSocial Europe posts on Covid-19 CrisisLink
The GuardianCoronavirus outbreak information and analysisLink
New York TimesCoronavirus outbreak information and analysisLink

Investments, Finance, Taxes, Firms initiatives and info

SourceName, title, actionLink
VivideconomicsGreenness of Stimulus Index post Covid-19, 2021Link
TJNTax Justice Network posts on Covid-19 CrisisLink
Moody’sCoronavirus effects on economis and credit marketsLink
EBRD Assessing emerging economies’ resilience to Covid-19Link
IDB GroupPriority support areas for countries affected by COVID-19Link
Above the LawPolicy tracker of Law firmsLink

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* JUMPER, “JUst transition: Making it hapPEn by connecting welfaRe and environmental policy” is a project about Sustainable welfare transitions in Europe prepared for the Solstice JPI Call 2020, topic Social Justice and Participation