Research Videos

Lectures and seminars

The late arrival of Tipping Points (in climate change)
Presentation by Peter Harries-Jones, Overheating: the Bateson Symposium in Oslo in September 2016: HERE

Cybernetics in the Future
Introduction by Mary Catherine Bateson, 2014 Conference of American Society for Cybernetics: HERE

What is Cybernetics?
Conference by Stafford Beer: HERE

The Sustainability of Everything
Lecture by Tim Ingold at Centre for Human Ecology on 10 September 2016: HERE


Video UNIPI:

Le sfide dell’economia responsabile. Video by REMARC – Raccontare la ricerca QUI

Agricoltura sostenibile e ambiente. Video by Centro di Ricerca Agroambientale Enrico Avanzi – Raccontare la ricerca QUI