Call for Paper on Welfare Sustainability

Call for paper 

Changing welfare systems and the environmental crisis:
discussing approaches and models of eco-social transition

Stream 11, IV Congress of Italian Society of Economic Sociology
IV Convegno Società Italiana di Sociologia Economica

Torino 30 January – 1 February 2020.

NEW Deadline for submission: November the 10th. Format: Long Abstract in Italian or English.

Call Stream 11HERE/QUI (Italian and English Version)

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Abstract exctract:

[…] The growing environmental concern led some scholars to acknowledge the role of welfare systems as part of an unsustainable growth model and to discuss the potential contradictions between increasing demands for social protection, fiscal crises, and new social risks produced by climate change and by the same policies aimed at countering it (Bailey 2015). Concepts of sustainable welfare, ecological state and eco-social policies have been elaborated to address societal needs “within ecological limits, from an intergenerational and global perspective” (Koch and Mont 2016; Duit 2008; Meadowcroft 2005). As such, the welfare state needs to couple social with environmental policies and to deal with their potential contradictions (Schaffrin 2014), problems of synchronization and possible trade-offs between employment and the environment. […]