In-Vivo Gene Editing By NanotransducErs


Although CRISPR/Cas9 and enzyme-based editors hold promise for genome surgery by erasing harmful mutations while rewriting them in helpful ones, they still face critical barriers related to safety. Here, we propose a new concept of genome engineering based on nanotransducers (NTs), aiming to make previously impracticable applications of genome editing and transcriptional regulation by Cas9 safe. This methodology relies on the laser activation of a NT, which triggers consequently a thermo-switchable DNA double strand break or cleavage. The proposed technology implements a concept of multi-input AND gates, where the output (gene editing) is true only if multiple inputs are true at the same time (e.g. NT activation and recognition of 2 different loci). Indeed, the dream of the unique recognition of a specific genomic target from any potential off-target, given in the 3 billion base pairs of human genome, could be achievable.



ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI TECNOLOGIA (IT)/ Plasmon Nanotechnologies line




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