MARVENE (magnetic nanoparticles for nerve regeneration)

The aim of MARVENE project is to the use magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) as functional nano-structures to enhance nerve regeneration by exploiting the mechanical forces acting on MNP-neurons to promote axonal elongation/growth.

Application of a tensile force to a neuron or an axon can stimulate neurite initiation or axon elongation in the desired direction. MNPs can be used to generate these tensile forces and manipulate axons to elongate, to overcome inhibitory substrates, and to enhance the trophic signalling of axon growth by the functionalization with biological molecules e.g., neural binders and neurotrophic factors.


Prof. Gerardo Goya, Istituto de nanosciencia de Aragon, Spain

Prof. Gerburg Keilhoff, Institute of Medical Neurobiology, University of Magdeburg, Germany

Dr. Lijung Wang, Institute for medical science and technology, United Kingdom


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