ATHENIS3D:¬†Automotive Tested High-Voltage and Embedded Non-volatile Integrated System-on-Chip Platform Employing 3D Integration Project EC FP7 – Information & Communication technologies¬†1/11/2013 – 30/04/2017 Slides of the Final Review Meeting, Graz (Austria), 28 June 2017 ATHENIS_3D_final_review_WP1 ATHENIS_3D_final_review_WP2WP3 ATHENIS_3D_final_review_WP4 ATHENIS_3D_final_review_WP5 ATHENIS_3D_final_review_WP5b ATHENIS_3D_final_review_WP6 ATHENIS_3D_final_review_WP7 ATHENIS_3D_final_review_WP8 ATHENIS_3D_final_review_WP9   Eu funding: 6 MEuros, Project cost: 9 MEuros UNIPI funding: 297.3 kEuros, […]

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