Position: Associate Professor in Statistics

Status and place: full time at the University of Pisa

He is Associate Professor in Statistics at the University of Pisa, Ph.D. in Applied Statistics.

Research fields:

His research interests include survey sampling, model-assisted and design-based inference, robust regression, quantile and M-quantile regression, multilevel models, geographically weighted regression, spatial statistics, applications of small area models in poverty mapping, new technologies in survey methodology (computer assisted telephone surveys, electronic data interchange, internet surveys). His work the in the last five years has been published by Journal of Royal Statistical Society Series A and B, Statistics in Medicine, TEST, Statistical Methods in Medical Research.

Professional experience:

He has participated and he is participating in research programmes at national and international level:

2013-2017 Inclusive Growth Research Infrastructure Diffusion, G.A. no. 312691 (SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME – Capacities). Scientific coordinator Monique Ramioul e Guy Van Gyes, HIVA, Belgio.

2014-2017 PRIN Project ‘Ricchezza delle famiglie e disoccupazione giovanile: metodologie innovative d’indagine statistica per le sfide attuali (Unità di Ricerca Locale di Pisa, local Scientific coordinator Dott. N. Salvati, Scientific coordinator prof. M.G. Ranalli, Università di Perugia).

2012-2014 e-Frame European Framework for Measuring Progress, G.A. no. 290520 (SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME – DG Research and Innovation, Theme 8, Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities). Scientific coordinator Marina Signore, Istat.

2008-2011 Small Area Methods for Poverty and Living Condition Estimates G.A. no. 217565 (SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME – THEME FP7-SSH-2007-1 Socio- economic sciences and the Humanities Part 8). Scientific coordinator prof. M. Pratesi, Dipartimento di Statistica e Matematica Applicata all’Economia, Università di Pisa.

Teaching experience

He taught courses in Statistics, Survey Sampling and Social Statistics at the University of Florence and Pisa.

Selected publications in the last five years

Alfò M., Salvati N. & Ranalli M.G. (2017). Finite mixtures of quantile and M-quantile regression models. Statistics & Computing, 27, 547-570.

Chandra H., Salvati N. & Chambers R. (2017). Small area prediction of counts under a non-stationary spatial model. Spatial Statistics, 20, 30-56.

Tzavidis N., Salvati N., Schmid T., Flouri E. & Midouhas E. (2016). Longitudinal analysis of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire scores of the Millennium Cohort Study children in England using M-quantile random effects regression. Journal of Royal Statistical Society Series A. 179, 427-452.

Chambers R., Salvati N. & Tzavidis N. (2016). Semiparametric small area estimation for binary outcomes with application to unemployment estimation for Local Authorities in the UK. Forthcoming in Journal of Royal Statistical Society Series A, 179, 453-479.

Borgoni R., Del Bianco P., Salvati N., Shmid T. & Tzavidis N. (2016). Modelling the distribution of health-related quality of life of advanced melanoma patients in a longitudinal multi-centre clinical trial using M-quantile random effects regression. Statistical Methods in Medical Research. doi:10.1177/0962280216636651.

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