I was born in Rosario, Argentina, in 1981, and currently  I live in Pisa, Italy.

In 2002 I completed my Bachelor degree in Computer Science at the University of Pisa.

In 2004 I graduated at the University of Pisa in Automation Engineering discussing a thesis on the use of the Hilbert Huang Transform for control systems monitoring . With the master  degree I acquired a strong methodological background on robotics and control systems.

In 2008 I achieved the PhD. in “Applied Electromagnetism”   at the University of Pisa. My PhD was focused on the research of innovative machine learning  techniques, with applications in electromagnetic devices, and Power Line Communications (PLC).

During the PhD I gained a strong background on supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, and I also developed and proposed original methods for learning Self Organizing Maps. I had the opportunity to deepen my capacity of modelling transmission lines  and power lines networks, and I focused my research on channel and noise estimation for communication purposes. I proposed original methods to estimate the PLC channel by using multi carrier communication systems.

In 2010 I joined the Department of Electrical Systems and Automation of the University of Pisa as a researcher. Since 2011 I also teach “Circuit Theory” at the Naval Academy in Livorno.

Currently I serve as Associate professor at DESTEC, University of Pisa, where I teach the courses of “Diagnostics and Monitoring of Electrical Systems and Devices” and “Circuit Theory” (Elettrotecnica).

My research on computational intelligence includes evolutionary optimization.

I developed original evolutionary optimization algorithms,  and I applied them to solve difficult optimization problems such as the real design of special electromagnetic devices, as electromagnetic launchers, and wireless power transfer systems.

In the last years my research was focused on time series forecasting with applications in renewable energy production plants (PV, wind farms and Hydro), electric load forecasting, prediction of the electricity price.

Also a large part of my recent research is on condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, applied to renewable energy production plants and also to train and railways systems monitoring.

In the last years I had the opportunity to collaborate with major Italian companies (Eni, Trenitalia,…) also as a scientific coordinator of some projects, with the goal of providing new methods and software tools for time series forecasting and the condition monitoring.

I have many young collaborators, PhDs and postdocs, however I still enjoy programming my ideas and algorithms in first place (using Matlab and C)

In 2018 my research activity granted me the Italian qualification for the role of full professor (Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale).

I am IEEE Senior Member, I serve as associate editor for the IEEE Access journal, and I served as member of the TPC  of tens of conferences. In 2017 I was the TPC Chair of ACES conference (Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society)

I am author and coauthor of more than 90 papers published on international journals and on the proceedings of international conferences.

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