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Personal Data. Born in Reggio Calabria (9/9/1968). Married with Massimi Labardi and mum of Anna.

Studies. Diploma in Physics (University of Pisa, Italy, 110/110 cum laude) and PhD in Physics (Scuola Normale Superiore-SNS, Pisa, Italy, 70/70 cum laude).

Languages. Verbal: English and French. Computational: F77-OS Linux-based. Musical.

Scientific activity

Positions. PhD in Condensed Matter Physics (SNS, 1993-1996). Postdoc (INFM, 1996-1998) and TRP researcher (SNS, 1998-2002). Research grant on Space tests for general relativity (University of Pisa, 2002-2004). TRP (SNS, 2004-2008). Associate Professor (University of Pisa, 2007-) at Physics Department “Enrico Fermi”.  ASN as Full professor (2012).

Teaching. Teaches three Basic Physics courses at the Pharmacy Department, where is also involved in orientational and pre-testing activities. Teaches Many-Body Physics at the Physics Course (undergraduate and PhD). While attending the PhD course, has collaborated to teaching activities within the General Physics courses held by Carlo Angelini at the Engineering Dept. and within the Statistical Mechanics cours held by Giuseppe La Rocca at SNS. Has contributed to the avant-gard course in Mathematics created by Giovanni Prodi, collaborating with Franco Conti, Paolo Farinella, and Luigi Picasso. Committed to research and development of methodologies foe physics education, has imported – unique in Italy – and adapted the course La Fisica di Tutti i Giorni, borrowed from How Things Work by Lou Bloomfield (University of Virginia), devoted to students of both humanities and science. Has early introduced in Italy the use of digital techs as Interactive Panels and Clickers, to support analogic innovation in conceptual, procedural and factual develpoment of knowledge in physics courses.

Research keywords. Solid-state and quantum fluids, by theoretical and simulational methods. High-Tc Superconductivity; Quantum gases; BEC- Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory; Applications of Quantum Gases Physics to quantum transport and fundamental physics.

Current Research activity by snapshots

ASN application (2012): Archive of CV, Research Reports, and Publications

International collaborations. IRC (Cambridge, UK), ICTP (Trieste, Italy), ACP (Aspen, US), ECT e BEC-CRS (Trento, Italy), Democritos (Trieste, Italy), KITP (Santa Barbara, US), CNRS (Lyon, Fr), TU-Eindhoven (Eindhoven, NL), LANL (Los Alamos, NM, USA), JILA (Boulder, Colorado, USA, almost every year since 1995 with the group of M J Holland, interacting also with D.S. Jin and E. Cornell groups, ENS-Lyon (FR), MIT (Boston, USA).

Projects as P.I. Two projects funded by CINECA for computational resources use. Two funded by SNS. WP4250 funded by Italian Space Agency ASI, within WP4000 on Fundamental Physics in Space. Principal Investigator in INFN-Pisa Unit MAGIA-Advanced funded by INFN- Commission 2, aimed to build up a large-momentum transfer atomic interferometer for gravitational waves detection and of a related MIT-UniPi Project involving a collaboration with V. Vuletic group to design schemes for effective spin squeezing as input states for the interferometer.

Prizes. Prize for young researchers by Italian Physics Society (1997).

Popular Science

Popular Science by snapshots

Has contributed to the Orientational Course organized by SNS for high-school students (Cortona, 1993-1996) and published numerous papers on popular magazines.

Has collaborated with radio-broadcast program Il Terzo Anello Scienza (RAI-Radio 3).

Has created and (scientifically) directed the Science and Music Festival  Musical…mente (Sangemini, 2008).

Co-author with Sara Maggi, editor and speaker of the 4-minutes radio-broadcast programme  “Piacere, Scienza!” (“Hallo, Science!”) and of the special series “Perché Nobel?” “Nobel,why?”, “Nobel Donna” (“Nobel Women”) and “Galileo”. Episodes archive (downloadable from iTunesU too)

Co-author with Sara Maggi of the video “Io vado a Idrogeno” and of the video format “La Fisica al Bar” (“Physics at the Pub”).


Books: M L Chiofalo, “Screening effects in bipolaron theory and high-temperature superconductivity” (SNS, 1997) e G Iadonisi, G Cantele and M L Chiofalo “Elements of Solid State Physics and Crystalline Nanostructures” (Springer, 2014).

Editing: “Models and Phenomenology for Conventional and High-Tc Superconductivity”, Ed. by G Iadonisi, R J Schrieffer and M L Chiofalo (IOS Press, 1998; RJ Schrieffer è premio Nobel per la Fisica).

Articles: more than  80 publications in journals and books, more than 60 peer-reviewed with large impact factor, resulting in more than 1.5 k-citations, topics for invited seminars at conferences and research institutions. Contributes as referee mostly for PRL/PRA/PRB/PRE, but also NJP, EPL.

PUBLICATIONS- Full list (last update June 2020)

Political and Institutional activity

Women activism and Associations. Co-founder of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Actions in Pisa – an UNICEF body, which has represented in the City-Hall Council for Equal Opportunity of Pisa ( 1998-2002). Contributes to SNOQ (Se Non Ora Quando?). Component of the Italian Women and Science Association. Since 2011 is component of the Directorial Board of the Scuola Normale Alumni Association.  Actually, founded her first association when six yo., devoted to flora and fauna protection.

Prizes. Prize “Donne che ce l’hanno fatta”. Prize “Cultura e solidarietà”

Political activity.  Since the foundation of the Democratic Party (PD) in Italy, has been component of its Directorial Boards. Co-founder of the PD Association in Pisa, has contributed to the foundation of the Party, as an elected component of the National Constituent Assembly in 2007.

Institutional committments.  Elected and served as President of the City-Hall Council for Equal Opportunity, Municipality of Pisa (2003-2008). Since 2008 has been appointed by the Mayor of Pisa Marco Filippeschi, as Deputy Mayor for Educational and School Policies, Promotion of Technolgies for Training and Education, Science Education, Equal Opportunities, City of Values, Memories, and Legality, Initiatives agains corruption in Public Administrations and application of Carta di Pisa. Acts as President of the Educational Conference composed by the Deputy Mayors for educational policies of the six Municipalities residing in Pisa Area.

Personal interests

Loves any type of musics and plays piano, transverse flute, tenor sax. Plays in the Orchestra of the University of Pisa. Plays many sports: basket, table tennis, athletics, horse-back riding (just a bit), soccer (a lot), volleyball (used to play as pro). Omnivorous reader, and especially fantasy, science fiction and comics. In Pisa dashes (and ruins) everywhere by bike.

Extended CV