Marilu PictureMarilù Chiofalo is a Phd from the Scuola Normale and professor of theoretical physics at the University of Pisa. She teaches courses in basic physics for life sciences, quantum liquids for MD and PhD in Physics, and The physics of everyday life for physics BD students, for teaching training. She is active in physics education research, collaborating with Marisa Michelini. She is part of numerous international collaborations, where she conducts research on quantum states of matter to create quantum simulators and for applications to fundamental physics, and she studies with the neuroscientist Concetta Morrone quantum models for visual neurosciences. She is author of about 130 peer-reviewed articles, two monographies and one edited book, and her work has been the subject of numerous seminars on invitation to conferences or international scientific institutions. Director of the Discover section of the Qplaylearn platform designed by Sabrina Maniscalco for quantum physics education, she is the author of radio and video formats, and very active in outreach. For the Quantum Flagship QTEdu-CSA, she co-coordinated the pilot project Quantum Technologies Education for Everyone. For ten years she has served as Deputy-mayor of Pisa and contributed for the National Association of Italian Municipalities to national planning against gender violence and to policies design within the Observatory for Childhood and Adolescence. She is an omnivorous reader, especially fantasy, science fiction, and comics, and videogame player to advance to the next frame. She has learned from volleyball to score in three touches (one being her, as setter), from soccer to score goals with overhead kicks, and from bicycle to crash when necessary. She loves making ensemble music by playing tenor sax in the University of Pisa Orchestra. She attends the Labodif school of Gianna Mazzini and Gio Galletti.

Università di Pisa
Lungarno Pacinotti 43, 56126 Pisa
P.I. 00286820501
C.F. 80003670504

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