Marilu PicturePhD degree in Condensed Matter Physics at the Scuola Normale Superiore (Italy, 1996, cum laude) and Associate Professor at the University of Pisa, where she conducts theoretical research in condensed matter also within international collaborations. Her contributed results have been presented in a number of invited talks and published in over seventy publications including books and international peer-reviewed journals, with over 1.5 thousand citations. Active in popular science, she has co-directed the music and science festival MusicalMente and is co-author of radio and video formats and programmes for popular science. Member of italian WABA and Women and Science Associations, she has been president of the Equal Opportunities Council (Municipality of Pisa). Since 2008 she has been appointed by the Mayor of Pisa as Deputy for Educational Policies, Technologies for Education, Science education, Equal Opportunities, City of Values and Memory, Iniziatives against corruption in Public Administrations and application of Carta di Pisa. She plays flute and tenor saxophone in the University of Pisa Orchestra. She has been winner of one prize for young physicists (SIF) and two prizes within culture and society framework