CV Luigi Pellizzoni

December 2022


Luigi Pellizzoni is full professor in Sociology of the environment and territory at the University of Pisa. His interests are located at the intersection of three main themes: a) ecological crisis, environmental governance and sustainability; b) the governance of science, technology and innovation; c) social conflicts, participation and deliberation. These issues are explored both empirically and in their implications for social and political theory. Emergent environmental and techno-scientific politics based on reframed ontologies and new forms of anticipatory governance are the focus of recent and ongoing research.

He is active at international level as member and session organizer at general and thematic conferences and workshops, including ISA (International Sociological Association), ESA (European Sociological Association), EASST (European Association for the Study of Science and Technology) 4S (Society for the Social Study of Science), ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research), STS-Italia (Italian association for science and technology studies), AIS (Italian Sociological Association), SISEC (Italian Society for Economic Sociology), SASE (Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics), Research & Degrowth, Historical Materialism. In 1996, together with Giorgio Osti, he has launched the National Conferences on Environment and Society, and has been member of the organizing committee of all subsequent editions.

In 2017 he has launched the interdisciplinary research group and community of discussion “POE-Politics Ontologies Ecologies” (, of which he is the co-ordinator and which organizes an annual workshop gathering scholars from a variety of disciplines (sociology, political science and theory, anthropology, geography, philosophy, economics, history, STS, feminist studies etc.) on key and emergent topics such as the re-emergence of limits, value and things, ontologies of care and new extractivisms. POE organizes as well symposia with prominent scholars and an international summer school, which he also co-ordinates.

He has given lectures and keynote speeches at a number of institutions and international conferences, has a long experience as program and unit coordinator or senior researcher in national and international projects and has collaborated with various national and international institutions and administrations. Scientific appointments include editorships and memberships in the editorial board of various Italian and international journals, and memberships in the boards of Italian and international associations.

He authored more than 140 scientific publications. Scopus = h-index 14, citations 1436, documents 57; Google Scholar = h-index 27, citations 4002, g-index 61.

Academic appointments (selection)

2021- Member of academic board, Master II Level on Sustainable Development and Climate Change, University of Pisa

2020- Member of academic board, PhD Program in Political Sciences, University of Pisa

2017- Full professor in sociology of the environment and territory, University of Pisa

2016-20 Member of academic board, PhD Program in Sociology and methods for social research, Universities of Torino and Milano (State University)

2013 Habilitation to full professorship, sectors 14/C1 and 14/D1

2012 Visiting professor, Centre for the Study of Environmental Change (CSEC), Lancaster University, UK

2010-15 Coordinator, PhD program ‘Transborder policies for daily life’, International University Institute for European Studies (IUIES).

2007-13 Aggregate professor, PhD program Territorial planning and public policies, IUAV University, Venice.

2000-16 Associate professor in sociology, University of Trieste.

1993-00 Assistant professor (‘ricercatore’) in sociology, University of Trieste.

Teaching (main)

2020- Political Ecology, University of Pisa

2017- Sociology of the environment and territory, University of Pisa

2017-20 Sociology of participatory processes, University of Pisa

2017-21 Urban sociology, University of Pisa

2018- Sociology of Tourism, University of Pisa

2000-16 Environmental sociology, University of Trieste

2014-16 Political Sociology, University of Trieste

2000-16 Sociology of participatory processes, University of Trieste

2012-13 Sociology, University IUAV, Venezia.

2010-12 Sociology of science, International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)

2005-11 Environmental sociology, University IUAV, Venezia.

2000-04 Sociology of culture and communication, University of Udine.

1993-96 European Master in Environmental Management, European Association for Environmental Management Education (EAEME).

Supervising has been carried out for PhD Programs at the Universities of Trieste, Pisa, Milan State University, Milan Catholic University, Genova, IUAV Venice, EHESS Paris, Université Paris IV-Sorbonne, European University Institute.

Journal reviewing (selection)

British Journal of Sociology, Environmental Politics, Environmental Values, European Journal of Social Theory, European Political Science Review, European Societies, Journal of Environmental Management, Journal of Risk Research, Land Use Policy, Nature and Culture, Policy Sciences, Theory Culture and Society, Social Movement Studies, Environmental Sociology, Futures, Ecological Economics, Democratization, Historical Materialism, Gaia, Science as Culture, Public Understanding of Science, Journal of Rural Studies, Stato e Mercato, Polis, Sustainability, Sociologica, Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia, Sociologia Urbana e Rurale, Partecipazione e Conflitto, Journal of Classical Sociology, Archivio di Studi Urbani e Regionali, Mondi Migranti, Ragion Pratica.

Scientific appointments (selection)

2022- Editor, Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia

2022- Associate editor, Frontiers in Climate-Climate and Decision Making

2022- Editorial Board, Sociologia Urbana e Rurale

2021-2024 Executive Committee member and Vice-President of ESA (European Sociological Association)

2020-2023 Member of the Working Group ‘Journals Review’ ANVUR (National Agency for Universities and Research Institutes Evaluation), Area 14 (Social Sciences)

2020-2022 Board member, Territory Sociology Section, AIS

2020- Coordinator, Summer School ‘Politics Ontologies Ecologies’, Pisa University

2019 Coordinator, Summer School ‘Expertise at stake: technoscience and public participation in the post-truth age’, Pisa University

2017- Coordinator of the research group and community of discussion POE ‘Politics Ontologies Ecologies’

2016- Editorial board, Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia

2015- Editorial advisory panel, Science as Culture

2015- International advisory board, Tecnoscienza

2014-21 Editorial board, European Societies

2014- Editorial board, Environmental Sociology

2013-15 Editor, Sociologica

2013- Editorial Board, Scienze del territorio

2013-15 Executive committee member, ESA

2011-13 Executive committee member, ESA

2011- Advisory board, Territorial Studies Association

2009- Advisory board, Foundation ‘Volontariato e Partecipazione’, Lucca.

2007- Editorial board, Partecipazione e conflitto

2007- Editorial board, Sociologica

2004-07 Board member, Territory Sociology Section, AIS

2002-06 Board member, Environment and Society Research Committee (RC24) ISA

Keynote speeches and invited lectures (last 10 years, selection)

2022   International Workshop ‘Techno-scientific diplomacy and sustainability: space and earth observation, resource management and nuclear energy and climate change. A historical and interdisciplinary perspective on the dialogue between experts and decision-makers’, Villa Vigoni Centre for European Dialogue, 5-7 December.

2022   Festival of Sociology Lectio Magistralis, Narni, 7 October

2022 Seminar Law and the Material Turn, Minerva Center for Human Rights, The Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University, 17 February.

2021 Keynote speaker, Midterm Conference, AIS – Italian Sociological Association, Bergamo, 16-18 December.

2021 Plenary Speaker, 15th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Barcelona, 31 August-3 September.

2020 Academic Year Opening lecture, PhD Program ‘URBEUR’, University of Milano-Bicocca, November.

2019 WU University of Economics and Business, Institute for Multi-Level Governance and Development, November.

2018 STS-Austria International Conference, Klagenfurt, September.

2018 Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, April.

2018 WU University of Economics and Business, Institut für Gesellschaftswandel und Nachhaltigkeit, Vienna, February.

2017 SNS Seminars, Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, December.

2015 AIS Territory Sociology Section 5th Summer School on ‘Natural disasters, community resilience and socio-territorial design’, Mirandola, September.

2015 Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Florence, Seminars ‘Max Weber: 150 years anniversary’, April.

2015 European University Institute, Department of History and Civilization, Florence, 4 March.

2015 Academic Year Opening Lecture, PhD Program ‘Sociology and Methodology of Social Research’, University of Turin, January.

2013 Conference ‘Sociology at Sea’, Zadar, Croatia, September.

2013 11th Conference of the European Sociological Association, Turin, September.

2012 First European Conference on Pragmatism and American Philosophy, Rome, September.

Research (selection)

2021-23 Research Unit PI, project ‘Building local preparedness to global crises’, Cariplo Foundation Grants.

2018-20 PI, project ‘Science in question? The vax/no vax issue in sociological perspective’, University of Pisa, PRA grants.

2016-18 PI project ‘Energy and innovation between global flows and local circuits’, University of Trieste, FRA grants.

2014-16 Advisory board member, project ‘SEFIRA – Socio-economic implications for individual responses to air pollution policies’, European Commission VII Framework Programme.

2013-15 Research unit member, project ‘Sustainable everyday practices in the context of crisis in Italy: toward the integration of work, consumption and participation’, Sub-project ‘Green energy practices’, MIUR, Prin 2010.

2010-12 Research unit PI, project ‘The quality of deliberation, MIUR, Prin 2008.

2009-12 Senior researcher, project ‘Social Capacity Building for Natural Hazards: Towards More Resilient Societies’, European Commission, VII Framework Programme.

2007-09 PI, project ‘Expertise, institutions and citizens in environmental conflicts’, MIUR, Prin 2006.

2008 Supervisor and rapporteur, project ‘Health Impact Assessment, Methods and Strategies’, World Health Organization.

2006-08 Senior researcher, project ‘Riskbridge. Building robust integrative interdisciplinary governance models for emerging and existing risks’, European Commission, VI Framework Programme.

2005-07 Senior researcher, Forum of Peace and War Problems, Florence University, project ‘Values and principles in the EU’s foreign policy’, European Commission, VI Framework Programme.

2005-06 Research unit coordinator, project ‘Mahldenet-Mare Adriaticum local democracy network’, European Commission, Interreg IIIA Programme.

2005-06 Research unit PI, project ‘An inquiry into some core problems of public deliberation’, MIUR, Prin 2004.

2003-05 Senior researcher, project ‘TRUST-Food risk communication and consumers’ trust in the food supply chain’, European Commission, Quality of Life Programme.

2003-04 Research unit PI, project ‘New deliberative paradigms to face uncertainty of ill-structured problems’, MIUR, Cofin 2002.

1998-00 Senior researcher, project ‘PABE-Public perception of agricultural biotechnologies in Europe’, European Commission, FAIR-ELSA Programme.

1998-00 Adviser, project ‘The relationship between competitiveness, environmental performance and management of small and medium sized European manufacturing firms (SMEs)’, European Commission, Environment and Climate Programme.

1996-98 Senior researcher, project ‘PRISP-‘Public risk perception and European Union environmental policy’, European Commission, Environment and Climate Programme.

1993  PI, project ‘Major hazards, land use planning and participation’, European Commission, JRC.



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Book editorship

2022   Handbook of Critical Environmental Politics. Cheltenham: Elgar (principal editor, with E. Leonardi, V. Asara)

2021 Scienza in discussione? Dalla controversia sui vaccini all’emergenza Covid-19, Milano, Angeli (with R. Biancheri).

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Editorship of journal monographic issues

2019   Italian perspectives on world-ecology, Sociologia Urbana e Rurale, 120 (with E. Leonardi)

2018   Problematizing the commons: New insights into the promises and perils of commoning. Rassegna italiana di sociologia, LIX(2).

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2000   ‘La nuova società creata dall’ambiente’. Futuribili, 1-2, monographic section (with F. Beato and G. Osti).

Articles and book chapters (selection)

(forthcoming) ‘Ecologia politica e teoria sociale’, in: Introduzione all’ecologia politica, Ed. L. Pellizzoni. Bologna: Il Mulino.

(forthcoming) ‘Nature’, in: Handbook of Environmental Political Theory in the Anthropocene, Eds. Marcel Wissenburg and Amanda Machin. Cheltenham: Elgar.

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