Office Address : Dipartimento di Economia e Management, Via C. Ridolfi, 10 56124 Pisa

Tel : 050-2216230

E-mail :  francesca.daldegan@unipi.it

Current position: Associate Professor in History of Economic Thought, University of Pisa

Teaching Staff – Doctoral Programme in Economics, University of Siena

Coordinator with Pascal Bridel and Nicolas Eyguesier of the Editorial Board of J. C. L. Sismondi, Oeuvres Economiques Complètes (ed. Economica, Paris)

Languages: Native proficiency in Italian

Full Professional proficiency in French speaking, reading and writing

Good proficiency in English speaking, reading and writing

Prizes: “Giovani Ricercatori” Prize, University of Florence (2002)

European Society of the History of Economic Thought, Eshet, 2018: “Best Scholarly Edition – J. C. L. Sismondi, Oeuvres Economiques Complètes, P. Bridel, F. Dal Degan, N. Eyguesier eds., Economica, Paris, 6 volumes.


Post-Doctoral Research, Centre d’Etudes Interdisciplinaires Walras-Pareto, University of Lausanne (CH)

PhD in History of Economic Thought, thesis: “Economic and Social discourse in J. C. L. Sismondi’s writings”, University of Florence

“Laurea specialistica”  in Philosophy (110/110), thesis: “Experiences and Theories of Relational Economics” (Prof. T. Raffaelli), University of Pise