Ground-Penetrating Radar acquisition on rock glacier (Sempione area, Central Alps)
Ground-Penetrating Radar acquisition on a rock glacier (Argentera area, South-Western Alps)
Temperature sensors installed on a boulder’s surface (Western Alps)
Sampling erratic boulder for cosmic-ray exposure age determination (Pelister area, North Macedonia)
Sampling a morainic boulder for cosmic-ray exposure age determination
(Maritime Alps)
Younger Dryas Project Team (Piano del Praiet, Maritime Alps, Italy).
From the left: Walter Finsinger (France), Philip Hughes (England), Adriano Ribolini (Italy), Matteo Spagnolo (Scotland), Hans Renssen (The Netherlands), Jostein Bakke (Norway), Susan Ivy-Ochs (Switzerland), Ramon Pellitero Ondicol (Spain-Scotland), Brice Rea (Scotland)
Ground-Penetrating Radar acquisition at the Magdala archeological site
(Lake Tiberias, Israel)
Resting on a storm berm along the Camorones coast (Patagonian coast, Argentina)
Kaskawulsh Glacier Ice Field (St Elias range, Canada)
Gas station near Dawson City (Yukon, Canada)
The Museum of Natural Sciences in the City of La Plata (Argentina)
Geomorphological survey in the Ceyhan river basin (Adana, Turkey)
Ground-Penetrating Radar data capture inside the church of Saluzzo (Italy)
Post office near the Kennicott glacier (McCarty, Alaska)
Ground-Penetrating Radar survey on a Mega Scale Glacier Lineation (Poznan, Poland)
Rising the Toubkal, near Imlil (Atlas, Morocco)

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