Vincenzo Miragliotta graduated with honors in Veterinary Medicine in October 2003, and in 2007 he earned a PhD degree in Veterinary Sciences at the University of Pisa defending a thesis entitled “Cloning and spatio-temporal expression of equine LAMR1, CTNNB1 and CDH11 in second intention wound healing”. During his PhD, Vincenzo began a collaboration with the Comparative Veterinary Tissue Healing Laboratory of the University of Montreal where he produced most of the data relative to equine wound healing, his main research topic throughout a post-doctoral fellowship completed between 2007 and 2009. Vincenzo then joined Siena Biotech SPA, a pharmaceutical company specializing in the area of neurodegeneration and neuro-oncology, where, as head of the histopathology service, he was in charge of the histological evaluation of pharmacological and toxicological preclinical studies performed in rodents. In 2009, Vincenzo joined the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, now the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the University of Pisa where he holds a Full Professor position.

Vincenzo’s research interests range from tissue repair and regeneration to the development of models for dermatological research. He has co-authored more than 100 publications including full-length articles in international peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and research abstracts presented at international congresses. His main focus is applied research in the field of dermatology. He serves as reviewer for international journals such as Veterinary Dermatology, Veterinary SurgeryCells Tissues Organs and PLOS ONE. Vincenzo Miragliotta serves in the editorial boards of Veterinary Dermatology and PLOS ONE.

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