Recent Publications (selection):

  1. Biggeri L., Giusti C., Lemmi A., Marchetti S., Pratesi M (2018), “Poverty Indicators at Local Level: Definitions, Comparisons in Real Terms and Small Area Estimation Methods”, in Statistics and Applications ISSN 2454-7395 (online) 2018, Special Issue on Survey Methodology and Applications (To felicitate Professor J.N.K. Rao on his 80th birthday) Issue 1 (New Series)
  2. Giusti C., Masserini L., Pratesi M. (2017), “Local Comparisons of Small Area Estimates of Poverty: An Application Within the Tuscany Region in Italy”, in Social Indicators Research, 131, issue 1, pp 235-254.
  3. Marchetti, S., Giusti C., Pratesi M (2016), “The use of Twitter data to improve small area estimates of households’ share of food consumption expenditure in Italy”, in AStA Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches Archiv: 57 10 (2-3) 60 61 July 201
  4. Pratesi M., (2016) (ed) “Analysis of Poverty Data by Small Area Estimation”, New York, Wiley.
  5. Pratesi M. (2015), “Spatial Disaggregation and Small Area Estimation Methods for Agricultural Surveys: Solutions and Perspectives”, FAO Technical Report in the Global Strategy Publications
  6. Marchetti, S., Giusti, C., Pratesi, M., Salvati, N., Giannotti, F., Pedreschi, D., Rinizivillo, S.,
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