Open Positions

Current Master Thesis projects

Within the ‘INTEGRATE’ project, I am currently looking for students to carry out the following Master Thesis projects:

  1. Design and setup of a demo platform to show the potential of the integrated communications, sensing and computing  paradigm.
  2. Joint waveform design of multiple antenna systems for communication and sensing at sub-THz frequencies.
  3. Development of data fusion algorithms for multiple and possibly different remote sensing sources.

Should you be interested on these topics, please get in touch with me:

Current PhD positions

I am currently looking for two PhD students on the following topics:

  1. Modern multiple antenna communication systems are almost exclusively designed under the assumption of locally plane wavefronts. This is known as the far-field approximation, which is soundly justified at sub-6 GHz frequencies. However, it breaks down when higher carrier frequencies are used. Since the wavelength reduces, the wave curvature over the array is no longer negligible and arrays operate in the so-called radiative near-field region. The PhD candidate must develop innovative transceiver architectures for multiple antenna networks operating at THz frequencies.
  2. Within the European project TIMES, I am currently looking for a PhD student to develop/investigate: (i) innovative signal processing techniques resorting to hybrid digital and analog domains, also investigating the possibilities offered by signal’s manipulation at the electromagnetic level ; (ii) innovative schemes for enhancing sensing and localization with the use of intelligent reflective surfaces at THz frequencies.

Should you be interested on these topics, please get in touch with me:

To have further information on the enrollment in the PhD program of the University of Pisa, please check this website.

Potential Master and PhD students

I am always interested in supervising strong, motivated students at the Master and PhD level. If you are interested, please feel free contact me:

For PhD students, to know how to enrol in the PhD program of the University of Pisa please check this website.

Postdoctoral researchers

I have occasional opening for postdoctoral researchers, which will be announced here. However, you may consider applying for a Marie Curie fellowship (see

Should you be interested in applying, please let me know. I’ll be very happy to assist you.

Visiting Faculty

If you are interested in visiting the Department of Information Engineering for a short-term research stay, we can offer limited financial support. Please check this website, and feel free to get in touch with me.

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