PRA 2022 RESEARCH PROJECT – “Fostering the role of public services evaluation for innovation, inclusion, and sustainability” (PRA 2022_21)

Research Team: Giulia Romano, Riccardo Cambini, Laura Carosi, Giovanna D’Inverno, Maria Silvia Fiorelli, Rachele Foschi, Giuseppe Conti, Simone Scotti

Paper and books published:

  1. Romano G., Masserini L. (2023), Pay-as-you-throw tariff and sustainable urban waste management: An empirical analysis of relevant effects, Journal of Environmental Management, 347, 119211 (open access:
  2. Romano G., Masserini L. (2023), Does a zero-waste strategy in sustainable urban waste management affect hierarchy targets and costs? Utilities Policy, 85, 101659 (open access:
  3. D’Inverno et al. (2024), Water Utility Service Quality Index: A customer-centred approach for assessing the quality of service in the water sector, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 92, 101797 (open access:
  4. Scotti et al. (2023), A dam management problem with energy production as an optimal switching problem, Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry (open access:
  5. Conti G. (2024), Gli affari all’assalto dei saperi, Mimesis
  6. Cambini R., D’Inverno G. (2024), Rank-two programs involving linear fractional functions, Decisions in Economics and Finance (open access: