Papers in Peer Reviewed International journals

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Chapters in Books (peer-reviewed)

1. Bertarelli, G., D’Agostino, A. , Giusti, C & Pratesi, M. Measuring Educational Poverty in Italy: a Multidimensional and Fuzzy Approach. Accepted to be published in Fuzzy Multidimensional Approach in Social Science. Routledge, Taylor & Francis.
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3. Crippa, F., Mecatti, F. & Bertarelli, G. Modeling Gender (im)balance in the Big Data era: an approach with latent variables. Accepted to be published (Publication scheduled for September.) in Pathways between Social Science and Computational Social Science: Theories, Methods and Interpretations Springer Volume in “Computational Social Science”.
4. Bertarelli, G., Crippa, F., & Mecatti, F. (2018). Measuring Latent Variables in Space and/or Time: A Gender Statistics Exercise. In Demography and Health Issues: Population Aging, Mortality and Data Analysis (pp. 133-142). Springer Volume in “Demographic Methods and Health Issues”.
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National and International Proceedings (peer-reviewed)

1. Bertarelli, G., Crippa, F., & Mecatti, F. (2017). A latent Markov model approach for measuring national gender inequality. In SIS 2017 Statistics and Data Science: new challenges, new generations June 28-30 (pp. 157-160). Firenze University Press. e-ISBN:978-88-6453-521-0.
2. Bertarelli, G., Crippa, F., & Mecatti, F. (2017). Measuring Latent Variables in Space and/or Time. A Latent Markov Model Approach. In 17th Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysis International Conference 6-9 June. ISAST: International Society for the Advancement of Science and Technology.
3. Zambon, M.; Bertarelli, G.; Landoni, G.; et al.(2012). Risk factor for the development of ventilator associated pneumonia after cardiac surgery, Intensive Care Medicine, 38:233-239.