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Functionalized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Chemical physical investigations of functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles in the solid phase and in solvent dispersions. Structural and dynamics studies by means of FT-IR, Fluorescence spectroscopy and NMR relaxation. Study of their properties as MRI contrast agents, drug delivery and ultrasound contrast.

Spectroscopy of Food and Agricultural Products

Development of new spectroscopic non destructive methods to investigate the chemical composition of food. Optimization of spectroscopic methods to quantify minor components of foods.
Main actual studies concern the quantification of pigments in olive oils and other seeds oils by means of UV-vis spectroscopy, the study of honey and pollens by means of front-face fluorescence, the combination of spectroscopic techniques to study wine and other beverages. Investigations of specific frauds and adulteration of food and agricultural products.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Liquid Crystals

Ordering and dynamic properties of Liquid Crystals by means of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. Conformational investigations of Liquid Crystals by the combination of several mono and bi-dimensional NMR methods. Study of the effect of external magnetic fields on the supramolecular structure of Liquid Crystals and their mesophases. Study of dynamic properties in thermotropic and lyotropic Liquid Crystals by NMR relaxometry and NMR relaxation methods.


Liquid Crystalline Elastomers


Preparation and chemical-physical investigations of Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCEs) and LCE-based composites, such as Polymer-dispersed Liquid Crystal Elastomers (PDLCEs). Study of their actuation properties by using thermal, photo and electric stimuli. Study of the orientational and dynamic properties by different NMR tecniques.

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