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Recent and on going projects:

a) “Interplay between molecular structure and thermomechanic properties of new actuators based on liquid crystal elastomers”. (principal investigator Dr. Valentina Domenici). Cooperation between Italy and Poland (funded by Italian and Polish Ministry of Abroad Affairs). “CANALETTO project” - period: 2013-2015 (Closed).

b) “Energy Storage Devices and Actuators based on Composites of Liquid Crystal Elastomers”. (principal investigator Dr. Valentina Domenici). MIT-UNIPI project for the cooperation between UNIPI (PISA) and MIT (BOSTON). Period: 2014-2016 (Just closed).

c) We are part of the local team, coordinated by Prof. Maria Rosaria Tinè, entitled: “Nanoscale functional organization of (bio)molecules and hybrids for targeted application in sensing, medicine and biotechnology” PRIN 2010-2011 n. 2010C4R8M8 (Just closed).

d) We are part of the team, coordinated by Prof. Fabio Marchetti junior, entitled: “Sintesi e studio delle proprietà di composti di metalli di transizione come agenti”. Project PRA 2015 (Closed).

e) We are external collaborators of the Toscolata project, funded by "Regione Toscana" in the field of agricultural and food nutraceutic products (PRAF Project).

f) We are part of the European COST ACTION IC1208 (“Integrating devices and materials: a challenge for new instrumentation in ICT”) 2013-2017.

g) We are part of the European COST ACTION CA15209 (“European Nertwork on NMR Relaxometry”) 2017- (Just started).

h) We are part of the team, coordinated by Prof. Valter Castelvetro , entitled: “Il “marine litter”: dall’analisi del problema a possibili soluzioni per una economia circolare”. Project PRA 2017-2018 (Just started).




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