Lorenzo Di Bari received his BSc and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Pisa and the Scuola Normale Superiore, under the supervision of C.A. Veracini. He spent a few years abroad, working with G. Bodenhausen (Lausanne, CH), J. Kowalewski and M.H. Levitt (Stockholm, SE), primarily developing NMR tools for conformational analysis of organic compounds. He returned to Pisa in 1992, where he started to work on Electronic Circular Dichroism collaborating with P. Salvadori. In 1995, he was tenured at Pisa University.In 2002 he bacame Associate Professor and in 2015 Full Professor of Organic Chemsitry. He supervised more than 20 MSc and 11 PhD theses. Most of his former students are now developing their academic careers in Italy and abroad.

Since 2000 he’s been member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Chirality and since 2009 he is in the International Advisory board of the International Conference on Chiroptical Spectroscopies. He has co-authored over 120 papers and review articles in international journals, and several book chapters. He’s organized several international conferences on Chirality and Spectroscopy and he’s one of the founders of ChirItaly a meeting of all Italian groups working in the broad field of Chirality.

He is mainly interested in the stereochemistry of complex systems, like flexible molecules existing as conformational manifolds, supramolecular systems, fluxional coordination compounds. His most recent activity focuses on chiral molecules for organic optoelectronic devices.

Università di Pisa
Lungarno Pacinotti 43, 56126 Pisa
P.I. 00286820501
C.F. 80003670504

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