Main Research Interests

  • Distributional Semantics
  • Computational Models of Semantic Memory and Language Processing
  • Psycholinguistics and Cognitive Science
  • Corpus-based Models of Argument Structure
  • Domain-specific Information Extraction, Term Extraction, Text Mining, and Affective Computing
  • Computational Lexicons and Annotated Corpora
  • Natural Language Processing Tools and Resources
  • Computational linguistics for Digital Humanities
  • Verb Aspect and Event Types

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Research Grants
2019 – present: PI of the project “Event Extraction for Fake News Identification”, funded by MIT, USA (MISTI Global Seed Funds with University of Pisa)
2018 – 2020: PI for the University of Pisa of the project “SEM il Chattadino”, funded by the Regione Toscana (POR FESR 2014 – 2020)
2017 – 2019: PI of the project “MUSE – MUltimodal Semantic Extraction, two-year project funded by Regione Toscana (POR FSE 2014-2020)
2017 – 2019: PI for the project “UBIMOL – UBIquitous Massive Open Learning” funded by the Regione Toscana (POR FESR 2014 – 2020).
24/02/2015 – 24/02/2016: National PI of the PRIN 2010/11 (20105B3HE8) “Word Combinations in Italian – Theoretical and descriptive analysis, computational models, lexicographic layout and creation of a dictionary”
2013 – 23/02/2015: PI of the research Unit of the University of Pisa of the PRIN 2010/11 (20105B3HE8)
14/11/2015 – 2018: PI of the project “Voci della Grande Guerra”, 2-year project funded with a grant of the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Bando per il Centenario della Grande Guerra.
2013 – 2015: PI for the project “SEMPLICE – SEMantic instruments for PubLIc administrators and CitizEns”, funded by the Regione Toscana (POR CReO 2007 – 2013 LINEA DI INTERVENTO 1.5.a – 1.6 BANDO UNICO R&S ANNO 2012)
2010 – 2012: Vice-coordinator of the PRIN 2008 (2008CM9MY3_001) ” Il linguaggio spaziale nei non vedenti: analisi di dati e indagini neurolinguistiche”

For further information visit the Computational Linguistics Laboratory (CoLing Lab)

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