The challenges of eco-social transitions in times of crisis: Call for Paper

Up for the Future? Social policies in challenged societies.

Call for Paper – Stream 2:
The challenges of eco-social transitions in times of crisis

Chairs: Matteo Villa, Roberta CuccaYuri Kazepov

Deadline abstract submission: 18 April 2021

Environmental concerns have led some scholars to acknowledge the need of new economic paradigms to address the current unsustainable growth model. Discussions addressed the potential contradictions between increasing demands of social protection, fiscal crises, and new social risks produced by climate change and by the same policies aimed at countering it. Concepts of sustainable welfare, eco-state and eco-social policies have been elaborated to address societal needs “within ecological limits, from an intergenerational and global perspective” (Gough 2017; Koch and Mont 2016; Meadowcroft 2005).In order to address present and future challenges, the welfare state needs to blend social and environmental policies while dealing with multiple scale levels (Eriksen 2016), problems of synchronization and trade-offs between social security and environmental protection, bearing in mind the increasing contradictions between historical and biological times (Tiezzi 2005). This seems even more critical considering the current stress test kicked-off by the covid-19 crisis, which has further exacerbated the contradictions of the current model, requiring at the same time urgent and forward-looking measures and perspectives. However, despite the urgent need to focus also the welfare research on the relation between social and environmental policies, sustainability and social policy literatures still pay little attention to integrated models of transition towards new societal scenarios (Gough 2016).In this session, we seek both theoretical and empirical contributions expanding the debate on eco-social transitions. In particular, we invite papers examining conflicts, trade-offs or positive synergies between ecological, social and economic implications of welfare policies by looking either at:

  • the integration between social and environmental risks and policy fields;
  • different time dimensions of risks, responses and outcomes in social and environmental issues;
  • multi-level scale and governance of transition processes;

or by discussing:

  • both positive and negative effects and results of these policies;
  • lessons from experiences and missed opportunities;
  • methodological advancements for integrating social policy and sustainability research.
Deadline abstract submission: 18 April 2021