Fabio Marchetti received his Degree in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Bologna in 1999 (summa cum laude), and the PhD in Chemistry from the same University in 2003, under the supervision of Prof. Luigi Busetto and Prof. Valerio Zanotti. He spent a post-doctoral stage (2003-2006) with Prof. Zanotti at the University of Bologna, working on the synthesis and functionalization of organometallic diiron complexes. He also spent training periods at Seabo-Hera in Bologna (1999) and at the Universities of Bristol (1999) and Zaragoza (Marie Curie grant, 2001-2002).

In 2006 he obtained a permanent researcher position at the University of Pisa, joining Prof. Fausto Calderazzo’s group and starting to collaborate with Prof. Guido Pampaloni. Since October 2018, he has been Full Professor in the same University. He spent short periods as visiting scientist at the Department of Chemistry in Helsinki (2006) and the “École polytechnique fédérale” in Lausanne (2012).

Fabio Marchetti has co-authored about 180 scientific publications (articles and communications) on peer-reviewed international journals and 2 international patents. His research interests regard the synthesis, the characterization and the properties of new transition metal compounds.

He presented over 30 contributions at national and international scientific conferences, including two plenary lectures, and was invited to hold 10 seminars in Italian and European Universities.

He participated in various research projects financed by the Italian Minister for University and Scientific Research (MIUR) and the University of Pisa (PRA).

In 2014, he was awarded the “Raffaello Nasini” Prize from the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society, for his contribution to the progress in the chemistry of groups 5-6 metal compounds and in unusual metal directed C-C bond forming reactions.

He has been reviewer of articles proposed for the publication on several international journals.

Fabio Marchetti is presently lecturer at the University of Pisa of the following courses: Bioinorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, General and Inorganic Chemistry (Degree Course in Agricultural Sciences). He has supervised 25 BSc, 17 MSc and 7 PhD theses in Chemistry or Industrial Chemistry.

He is member of the Council for the PhD in Chemistry and Material Science of the University of Pisa, and has been reviewer of PhD theses in Chemistry from both Italian universities and abroad.

He has been delegate for the University of Pisa in the Assembly of CIRCC (Interuniversity Consortium for Chemical Reactivity and Catalysis).